Artist Statement

The fleeting effects of light and atmosphere challenge me to create paintings that celebrate both the certainty and uncertainty of our visual world.  We often think of light and shadow as opposites where one reveals and the other conceals.  These paintings explore both a light’s journey and a shadow’s corresponding passage across fresh cut arrangements, not as independent travelers with differing missions, but as characters able to take on each other’s role.  A light will obscure like a shadow, and a shadow will illuminate form. Whether an unbroken wash, a flood of brightness, or a veiled ambiguity, the greatest clarity is often found at the moment between sun and shadow.

With every painting, I seek to mirror this contradiction. Fresh blooms honor the fragility of life. Openness confronts enclosed space. Color springs from murky depths. Asymmetry creates harmony.  Ultimately, though, light tells the story as I strive to capture its infinitely complex nature.